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Hi there! I'm Demi,  a self-driven graphic design artist with more than 5 years of professional experience assisting clients through visual problem-solving. While I hold a versatile design range, I specialize in brand identity, advertising design, and print media. My design style pulls on modern and sleek aesthetics with playful twists. I believe in professional design you can enjoy. When I design for my clients, I always consider how I can seriously meet their visual needs in fun and innovative ways. I relish in strong line work, strategic color, and provocative contrast. I have experience with the entire Adobe Creative Suite and am growing in my use of online design software including Canva and Figma. If you want a graphic designer that will go the extra mile to meet your visual goals, I am your person. 

I first discovered my love for design as a teenager when I began taking graphic design and art courses in high school. Although I have taken a few detours to pursue other creative interests and mediums, I find graphic design to be my core passion.  I am currently located in North Carolina but will soon be transitioning to California and bringing my talents to the west coast. 

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